Ranking and Certification Opportunities

Rank Promotion

Shihan Melanie FineKnowledge, not rank, is the key to growth in the martial arts.  We are committed to teaching Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu to all who seek to learn; and equally committed to passing on the knowledge as it has been passed on to us.  The Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation provides a specific path of knowledge, training and ranking in Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu.  Please contact us to discuss your current experience and intentions. We will do our best to assist you to further yourself in Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu with both knowledge and rank promotion.

If you truly want to learn this art, HMAF will customize a training program for you which will provide you with instruction in Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu.  Masi Shihan offers classes in both New York and Northern California.  However, you don't have to live in the New York or California area to learn Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu and earn rank through HMAF. Many HMAF members have been successful by setting up a program of long-distance study. We often host weekend seminars in both locations where HMAF members are welcome to practice Hakko Densho Ryu Jujutsu with the senior black belts and Shihans. Masi Shihan also travels and presents seminars around the country and will come to your dojo for a seminar and/or private instruction.  Contact us to discuss your personalized training program.

Rank Certification

For those seeking acknowledgement of their current rank, the HMAF provides Rank Certification. This includes a certificate recognizing your current rank and is suitable for framing. You must be a current member of HMAF. A fee of $75 is required for each certificate. A copy of your current rank certificate or diploma is required. Make sure that your current rank, title, and style/system is clearly stated. You may scan it and send it as an attachment via email to hmafinfo@gmail.com, or make a photocopy and mail to:
c/o Dara Masi, Shihan
PO Box 1706
Placerville CA 95667 USA

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